Prepare your mindset to overcome fear and ignite the spark of motivation for you to create economic and social value in your business.

Zai Miztiq, also known as the walking, talking miracle is a global speaker, author, trainer, model and life coach. Her works have reached out to thousands across Asia, UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa. 

An alumni of the Women’s Leadership Academy of the US Department of State, she was also nominated as ‘The Most Compassionate Womenpreneur Award 2019’, awarded ‘Kindness Advocate’ and ambassador of VOLK – Voice of Loving Kindness by Singapore Kindness Movement. Zai was also conferred as ‘101 Most Fabulous Global Coaching Leader 2020’ by the World HRD Congress & recognized by Disney for her excellent service since 1999, she is excited to shed the light of positivity and possibility to the world.

Despite her success momentum, little is known of a tragedy that struck her in April 2005. After a painful recovery from an accident that almost rendered her paralysed, Zai’s determination for a comeback redefined her life’s mission and that became a driving force for her to positively impact humanity.